"Sushi Hayashi" Opened in Kyoto!!

Sushi Hayashi

We are very excited to share the news that Chef Hiro’s dearest cousin, Yoshio Hayashi, has just opened the doors to his very own sushi restaurant in Kyoto!

Growing up in Fukui, Yoshio and Hiro used to joke about being twins. They are the same age, have the same passion for cooking and both got their first restaurant job in highschool. However, while Hiro went to work in a Kaiseki restaurant, Yoshio went to work in a Sushi restaurant. From then on Yoshio became Hiro’s sushi teacher, whose lessons guided Hiro on his journey to NYC. So now, we are very happy to invite our guests to experience SUSHI HAYASHI on your next trip to Kyoto. Simply have your hotel concierge reserve one of their 8 available seats and please enjoy!

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