Take Out Menu

Our takeout menu is available for pick-up.

(We don't offer delivery. We are sorry for the inconvenience.)

The menu availability varies by day. Please give us a call.


Assorted Sashimi $55

Chef's pick Assorted Sashimi

tekka don.jpg

Tekka Don $55

Tuna Sashimi on the rice

kaisen chirashi.jpg

Kaisen Chirashi $48

Assorted Sashimi on Sushi Rice

uni ikura don.jpg

Uni Ikura Don $78

Sea urchin and seasoned salmon roe on the rice


Ikura $32


House-made Ponzu $12

Seasoned Salmon roe

Pick-up time 12:30-3:30 Weekdays only.    

Contact:1-212-925-1613  (Mon. - Fri. 10am-4pm)

harasu gohan.jpg

Salmon Harasu $44

Grilled Salmon belly and seasoned Salmon roe on the rice


Ikura Don $48

Seasoned salmon roe on the rice

salmon oyako.jpg

Salmon Oyako Don $46

Salmon sashimi and Salmon roe on the rice. "Oyako" means family

uni don.jpg

Uni Don $95

Sea Urchin on the rice


House-made Soy Sauce $12

Dashi Soy-sauce